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How to sell by word of mouth

How to sell by word of mouth

If you could master the most valuable form of marketing — the one that consumers trust above all others — would you instead choose to leave it to chance?

Word of mouth advertising is important for every business, as each happy customer can steer dozens of new ones your way.

• Finding your pot of gold
• Generating word of mouth
• The Law of Reciprocity
• Getting referrals
• Building trust

How to increase sales

How to increase sales

A FREE one-hour event — How to increase sales

No matter how passionate a salesperson you may be, no matter how likable you are, if you can’t close the sale, your efforts yield nothing.

Whether you are an experienced salesperson or novice ‘How to increase sales’ will help you turn prospects into customers.

8:00AM — 9:00AM
Durbanville Golf Club
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